Under Three Flags: The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban/American War

4-5 p.m. EST
Virtual Event

Join us for a talk by Yamil H. Kouri Jr. on the subject of his award-winning book “Under Three Flags: The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban/American War,” the winner of the American Philatelic Society’s philatelic literature Grand Award in 2019. Register here to enjoy the program via Zoom.

Cuba's War of Independence against Spain started in 1895. After more than three years of fighting neither side had a clear advantage. The United States’ involvement in this conflict in April 1898 against Spain had a decisive impact. After a few land and naval engagements, Spain capitulated in August 1898. Although brief, this conflict produced a rich and varied postal history legacy. The presentation will describe some of the fascinating aspects of this conflict that resulted in major global consequences for the United States.

Now in its 17th year, the Smithsonian National Postal Museum's Maynard Sundman Lecture Series was established in 2002 through a donation by his sons, David and Donald. The Sundman lectures feature talks by authors and expert philatelists on stamps and stamp collecting.

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