Colonial Williamsburg's Grand Illumination

03/12/21 to 05/12/21
10/12/21 to 12/12/21
17/12/21 to 19/12/21
5:30-7:00 p.m. EST
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

In the 18th century, illuminations, which included the firing of guns and lighting of fireworks, were held to celebrate major events, such as great military victories, the anniversary of the reigning sovereign's birth, or the arrival of a new colonial governor. Join Colonial Williamsburg for this special event by strolling the Revolutionary City and viewing all the unique decorations. Yuletide entertainment will include favourite holiday traditions, as well as heartwarming new additions to the festivities. On Friday evenings, join the new Procession of the Yule Log and enjoy holiday songs and stories on Market Square. Saturday evenings will include a dramatic presentation of an original holiday story, glorious music, and a joyful appearance by Father Christmas, culminating in simultaneous Grand Illumination fireworks displays over the Governor's Palace and Capitol building.

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